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Private Party Valet Los Angeles by Black Diamond Valet

Black Diamond Valet has been providing services to private parties and private events for many years.  If you’re throwing a party in Los Angeles, Riverside or Orange County, be sure to give us a call.  We can give your private party the extra touch of class that can truly set apart a private event or private party. Your job is to get them to the front door after that we will take care of the rest.  Your friends and family or party goers will be greeted with a professional fully uniformed valet expert. Private party parking can get out of control fast we can provide you with a cost effective solution to make sure that your well within code and the spaces adequately used an efficient manner.  It’s our commitment to quality that makes us a standout valet service in Los Angeles County.  We also can offer both male and female valets and look for to helping you during your next event.


No Matter The Size or Location We got you covered for your Private Party Valet Los Angeles

We been working in the valet industry for the past decade. Our valet service has addressed many different needs for different customers ranging from hospitals and hotels to malls and auto dealers. Within the upwards of as many as 1000 to 2000 cars per day.  We can assure you that your private party no matter how many guests will be taken care of.  Were also licensed bonded and insured and take on all the liability. If an accident should occur for any reason are insurance company will handle the situation promptly and efficiently and professional manner. As of Date of this publication November 2013 we’ve never had a work related injury or car accident. When using Black Diamond Valet your 100 covered. So before your next party give us a call and we will take all the stress out of your parking logistics.


Location Inspection & Technology we use at Private Party Valet Los Angeles

Prior to your event Black Diamond Valet would love to come take a look at the private parties venue or the location. Proper planning of the logistics of your event can take out much of the stress. During our walk through we will give you advice on what the best way to keep the flow of cars steady. On the day of your even we will be early with our valet equipment such as pylons and valet signs and podium.

We come stocked with everything you would need to impress your audience. We even come stocked the latest and greatest of technology. On the valet tickets your guests will be given a number then can text message to let us know that they will be departing soon. While they are gathering their belongings and coats their car will be ushered to the front. When they come outside they will be greeted with their vehicles doors open ready for a quick getaway.


Complete parking service day of your event at your Private Party Valet Los Angeles

On the day of your event will send your event with a secure parking lot.  Black Diamond Valet will also take care of any driveway access. Our versatile staff has seen many different types of issues arise and know how to address them. A owner operator will be onsite at all times to make sure that your event smoothly and efficiently.  Our staff will appear already in full uniform and ready to work.  These experienced valets will take your guests vehicles as if they were their own.  Your guests safety and protection of their vehicles will be our utmost concern.

Not only do we provide safety boy can maximize the space that you have to utilize it also add amazing amount of prestige to your event. Not only do we provide valet services but we double as parking enforcement/traffic control. Nothing can put a damper on your evening like walking to your car to find a parking ticket. We always make sure that your fundraiser, grand opening, charitable functions or golf tournament is up to code and no one will have to suffer from a tow or ticket.





Our Philosophy for Private Party Valet Los Angeles

When hosting your own private party its important to make a statement. Whether its a fundraiser, birthday or other type of private party, nothing says classy more than a staff of professional valet attendants. Black Diamond Valet can make give your event the white glove look and feel. All of our staff handle themselves with the utmost respect for your guests and your property. Our commitment to customer service is unmatched. Black Diamond Valet’s are always friendly professional and dedicated to the success of your event.


The Black Diamond Valet Difference

Black Diamond Valet has years of experience and a roster of experienced valets who go through our extensive training. All of our attendants are licensed bonded and insured and drug tested. We also make sure that all of our attendants are DOJ certified to be working in the US. Unlike amateur Valet companies we carry a large amount of insurance and make sure that we accept all of the liability. We also use the latest technology and are always looking for way to improve what we do and how we do it. We are locally owned and owner operated.

You can be sure that an owner of the company is always on site and ready to answer your questions and assist you the best way we can. We also can off you a golf cart to shuttle people to and from their cars if need be. We have years of experience serving all types of business’s, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, auto dealerships and retail malls. We look forward to providing you with quality service at an affordable rate. If your looking for a full service valet then give us a call today for a free estimate


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