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Black Diamond Modular Valet Service for Retail Centers Los Angeles


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Modular Valet Service for Retail Centers Los Angeles

Are you looking for a way to deliver affordable valet services at your Retail establishment? Black Diamond Valet has been providing the very best in safety, security and comfort to retail centers for many years. We can deliver the highest level of service for special event parking parking garage management and any type of valet parking services that you may require. We can bring a touch of class and elegance to your retail center. We can even provide you with a cost effective solution even if you intend to provide complimentary valet services.

If your retail center is located in the area where there are not many parking options and high traffic then providing a valet service for your customers can greatly increase revenue. If your customers feel they have to walk many blocks because of location chances are they’ll find some place more convenient. By using our valet service you can offer your customers immediate access to your retail center. We have seen our services help keep retail centers throughout Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County packed every night. Providing a valet service can give any business an upscale feel even before they walk through the door.


Parking Structure Management

If you have a parking structure at your disposal we can effectively park cars. Doing so will increase the number of guests that can enjoy what your retail center has to offer. This in turn will let give your more consistent flow of traffic and allow you to turn more customers. With the right valet service on your team you can easily expand your services to accommodate more people as you see fit. If you are already at capacity having a valet service can decrease the time between when your guests come in and out. Black Diamond Valet offers these services at very competitive rates. From the time your guests initially arrive to the completion of their time at the retail center they will be cared for by a staff of trained and experienced individuals who know how to offer the white glove touch.

Black diamond Valet Service Los angeles

Make an impression with valet

Vital to any business is its image. And equality valet service can leave a great first and last impression with your diners. Black Diamond Valet always goes the extra mile to ensure that your customers get the feeling that they are appreciated. Modular Valet Service for Retail Centers is our specialty. We have worked with some well known retail centers in our time and look forward to making a lasting impression on your patrons. Each retail center has its own unique set of circumstances. Black Diamond Valet can seamlessly integrate into your retail center staff. We will even print custom tickets for your unique establishment.

Black Diamond Valet Services also is committed to using the latest and greatest technology to keep the flow of cars steady and efficient. We can even supply your establishment with a SMS text messaging system. With our custom Text2Valet system patrons can alert us that they are going to need their car shortly. By the time they have completed the paying of their tab and walk to the front of the retail center their car will be waiting for them with doors open. Many customers will come to your eatery just because of the speed and effectiveness that we get them in and out.

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Black Diamond flexibility

With each and every customer that we do business with we tailor our services to their needs. With direction from you the owner we will create a custom valet podium, sign and uniform to mirror your establishment. This will give your business a polished custom feel all while upgrading your business’s customer service. We also have our own insurance that removes any of the liability from your business, in the event of an accident you can be sure that it will be handled quickly and professionally by our insurance company. Black Diamond Valet enjoys an excellent reputation due to our commitment to customer service and our exceptionally high level of customer service.



The Black Diamond Difference – Honest and Reliable Valet

We are committed to developing close and long term relationships with Clients and vendors and staff. Our business is locally owned and owner operated. The management staff at Black Diamond Valet have many years of experience in the valet industry. Both owners have a over 15 years in the industry and have worked all aspects from valet to management before going on to open their own Valet service. Both of the owners are college educated and professionally dedicated to valet. No matter what issue might arise you have 2 owners who are committed to achieving goals for both our business and yours.


Many valet companies use the same style of training program for their valets, we do not. We use our own training approach that includes on site pre training, and out own customized training sessions and coaching styles. Each valet receives individual training at every different location we service as no 2 locations are the same. Not only do we is our training unique but we also keep our own unique metrics on our valet service as well. If you facility has parking far from the retail center or perhaps in a parking structure we can also provide you and your establishment with one of our golf carts. We have found that golf cart shuttling can help greatly help with load and unload times. We rarely if ever have advertised outside of this website as new business referrals is how we generate much of our business. We also keep many references from Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside counties that you can verify yourself. If you find yourself in need of of valet services you can contact us today for a free estimate. Give us one opportunity to be your valet service and you will be more than astonished with our commitment to our craft and expertise


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