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High Rise & Condo Valet Service Los Angeles


High Rise & Condo Valet Service Los Angeles

If you are looking for a cost effective way to offer complimentary valet services at your high rise or condo Black Valet High Rise & Condo Valet Service should be your first choice. We have tremendous experience offering no hassle Complimentary valet service to the occupants of high-rises and condos.  By offering the services you can surely increase the rent and also manage parking in a much more efficient manner.  One of the number one complaints that people have about 1 inch high this high rises in Los Angeles is the parking situation you can eliminate all the hassles and make sure that your of buildings are always full of happy tenants by employing Black Diamond High Rise & Condo Valet Service.


Black Diamond Valet – We got you Covered

We have offered are a valet service is too many different types of businesses in the Los Angeles area, ranging from automotive dealerships to hospitals and hotels. We can provide your high-rise condo with the unique perspective on its parking. You’ll be able to efficiently park more cars and charge for more parking spaces to a current occupants. We also carry a large amount of insurance on our business so that the liability is on us as the valet company and not you as the property manager or owner. If any accident were to occur our insurance company would handle the issue in a prompt and professional fashion. As of the publication of this website Nov 2013 we have yet to have an accident or a claim in the past decade.

Not only are we responsible but we are also dedicated to our craft. We utilize some of the latest and greatest valet technology in the industry. We can offer your residents a text ahead program so they can alert us when they need their car. This will greatly reduce the wait time on your buildings occupants. Many of the companies that we provide this service for simply love it as a selling point and for its function. Many perspective tenant can be leary of the turn around time it takes for them to get into their car. The text ahead program gives your agents a quick and direct answer to this questions. We love using this because of its effectiveness. The text ahead program makes sure that the cars have a stead flow to them.

Valet Service Los Angeles

Our Promise

We take our valet service very seriously.  We promise to treat every single guest as if they were friend or family.  For your specific high-rise or condo and a we will create unique tickets, and custom uniforms with your name branding and logo on it.  We will also create valet signs and add your logos on that as well. We also can offer you the use of our golf carts which we use for shuttling during extremely busy times. It is our experience in using the golf cart as a shuttle can greatly reduce turnaround time and keep customer satisfaction very high. Our service includes locking key podium for enhances security. Black Diamond valet also will purchase and utilize any tools necessary for your unique building or highrise. Above all else we promise that your buildings occupants will be happy with our service and our constant unwavering commitment to offering quality valet services




Why Black Diamond High Rise & Condo Valet Service Los Angeles?

We are a tremendous source of information on high-rise condos valet services as  we have been providing the service to many different large buildings for Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County for well over a decade. We have built strategic partnerships with many different buildings and continued offer them services to this day. We look forward to adding your private condo or high-rise to our book of business and building a long-term relationship that is both beneficial for black diamond valet services and for you perspective property owner or building owner. We offer great rates whether you are looking for a fee share agreement style valet or completely complimentary. We will be able to facilitate your needs better than anyone. Give us one opportunity and you will see the Black Diamond High Rise & Condo Valet Service Los Angeles Difference.


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