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Black Diamond Golf Course and Country Club Valet

Are you looking for a cost effective solution to give your golf course a higher end feel. Attract the types of customers you really want by utilizing Black Diamond Valet as your chosen vendor for bag dropping and valet services. When customers drive up to your golf course they’ll be amazed to see that a valet parking stand has materialized it has our Logos and advertisements all over it.  What the love even more is that their greeted by a staff of friendly and professional valet attendants. This truly will get the visit off to right foot.  I’ll be even happier when they find up the valet service is free of charge. Even if your customers wish to forgo valet service will be able to do a bag drop with us while they self park. Once your customers use our service once they will wonder why you hadn’t offered Golf Courses Valet Services Los Angeles before.

Nothing tells your patrons how much you value their business like this extra touch.

Added stream of revenue

Not only can we provide complimentary valet services at a affordable price to you the owner, but if you feel so inclined we can also add auto detailing into the equation as well. There’s nothing better than going and playing 18 holes at your favorite golf course and walking up to a freshly detailed interior and exterior of your car.

We can offer a waterless detail job which is just as effective as a regular detail. The increase in staff is minimal when you factor in how many folks will choose to get their vehicle auto detailed. In many of the other Golf Courses & Country Clubs Valet Services Los Angeles that we provide the inclusion of detailing offsets the cost of complimentary valet services completely. All you need to do is inform your patrons that affordable auto detailing has made it’s way to your golf course and watch how many new patrons you get.




Country Club Valet Services

Many times country clubs will attempt to do their valet services on their own. Once they realize the large undertaking that they’ve taken they usually contact someone like Black Diamond Valet. Unless you’re a true pro or consummate industry valet service the logistics of moving cars on an hourly basis can become difficult to complete. It’s our firm belief that we don’t just park cars we move people.  So no matter how many people come to your country club big or small will keep it moving. For the past decade we developed sophisticated parking and transportation solutions for many different types of country clubs in Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside County.

From the first day we perform our valet services after country club will seamlessly integrate into your business.  Our valet podium and signage will display your logo and your message.  We also develop custom tickets for your unique country club as well as create uniforms that feature both your logo and information on it. We are much more than a vendor we are a partner with you in every sense of the word.


Technological Advantage

Not only do we provide impeccably dressed attendants who are expertly trained in their craft. We also provide your country club with a technological advantage. Imprinted on your own unique claims tickets is our own text ahead program, with our text ahead program golfers when the rounding the 18th hole can text ahead and let us know that they’re completed their round. Once they’ve completed cleaning their clubs they will be greeted by a friendly attendant and see their new spotless vehicle both inside and out. Our staff will even help your customers load and unload their bags.We also keep state of the art metrics on how many vehicles we turn per day and how many washes as well.  We can provide in all these records on a spreadsheet so you can break down which times and days are busiest for you and you can market accordingly.


The Black Diamond Valet Service Difference

We know that no two golf courses are alike. That’s why one of our owner operators will perform a comprehensive inspection of your parking area before we give you aa solid bid or estimate.  From there will work closely with you to develop a customized plan for both your parking and traffic flow needs. Our impeccably dressed parking lot attendants and one manager will be onsite for you and all times. Your valet staff will coordinate everything from the placement of parking equipment and cone to the utilization of pylons an efficient parking signs. No golf courses is to big or too small and we can staff accordingly to your needs.

We are also available for any larger size events as well. Over the years we have developed quite a roster of efficient parking lot attendants and valets. This gives us the ability to scale up to the size of your event at your country club or golf course almost immediately. Many of the golf courses and country clubs we currently service routinely have weddings and other events on top of the regular flow of golfers. Simply make us aware of your events timing and we can become your full parking and traffic controllers. For much larger events we can coordinate with fire and police to make sure we are in code and wont suffer fines and other things that can cast a shadow on your events day. Give us a call today and find out what we can do for you and your golf course and country club.