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Black Diamond Event Facilities Valet Los Angeles

Is your large event facility plagued by parking issues. Black Diamond Event Valet can solve all of the logistics issues that you have been running into. We have over the years created many custom solutions for different concert and sporting venues. It is our understanding that the keys to success for event facilities is traffic flow and strict parking enforcement. Black Diamond Valet can help you grow your bottom line by correcting any parking issues and adding to the amount of cars you can safely charge for.

For each venue that we service we set up a customize plan for reaching goals and increasing revenue.  We will studt the demographics of the roadways and find a way to minimalize congestion. We also will coordinate with law enforcement and alert them as to our event and how they can contribute to keeping the flow of traffic safe and steady.  We’ll also complete an audit of your revnue generation and the collection process and find any loopholes or anything we can do to maximize profit.We been providing the event and concert parking for the past decade we’ve managed millions of fans and their automobiles over the years and still get the same gratification from every think you we received along the way


Sporting Event Valet Services for Large Events

We firmly believe that the first and last impression see that your event will make the difference for the user’s experience.  When utilizing a valet service for parking and traffic control needs they’ll be your first and last line of defense when it comes to customer interaction for the past decade Black Diamond Valet has built a wonderful reputation for delivering quality service to Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange county’s and the surrounding areas.

At large sporting events the key to safe and efficient flow is Trevor direction and traffic control. Black Diamond Valet Service is committed to provding your sporting event with a cost effective plan that comfortably meet both your customers and your needs.


Stadium and Convention Parking Valet Services

The intensity of transient parking for large venues and events demands organization, experience and an elaborate network of skilled professionals. It is our reputation and commitment to service that enables us to successfully execute parking for many different stadiums and venues across Southern California. Regardless of venue size or attendance, efficiency and hospitality can mean the difference between loyal patrons or frustrated one-time visitors. Therefore, our work begins long before the day’s event, involving everyone from executives to on-site parking attendants. Training, traffic control procedures and on-site logistics are organized and rehearsed well in advance. With this custom, comprehensive plan in place, Black Diamond Valet can ensure a smooth and seamless evening.


Black Diamond Valet has you covered

When it comes to performing parking and a large stadium or convention center simply can’t afford any mistakes. Go with a name you can trust go with Black Diamond Valet service.  We can completely take the liability off of you because of our large insurance policy.  If any acts that were to arise for tissue occur our insurance company would professionally and promptly handle the issue on your and our behalf. As of publication of this site (nov 2013) we have never had an accident or claim.

Our Services Include :

  • keeping your events on schedule and running smoothly
  • providing traffic control using appropriate and concise signage and personal direction from clean cut, well groomed and eager parking representatives
  • providing the most comprehensive insurance listing your establishment as an additional insured benefactor
  • maximizing your parking capabilities at your event or establishment by detailed organization and expert space utilization
  • offering a convenient and pleasurable experience to all individuals upon arrival and departure treating each as guests, not customers
  • adding an additional touch of class and sophistication to your event or establishment


We thoroughly analyze:

  • the event location
  • uniforms, signs, key storage
  • number of guests
  • type of function
  • day of the week/times
  • weather
  • correct number of attendants
  • misc. equipment (radios, etc.)

Our industry-standard procedures including vehicle handling and transaction etiquette, emphasis on personal appearance and hospitality, and curbside professionalism are apparent from the arrival of the first vehicle to the departure of the last. Our five-diamond presentation has earned us an unrivaled reputation across Southern California as well as recurring business from A-list customers and Fortune-level businesses. Black Diamond has a dedicated events staff and each event is managed on-site by at least one suited executive. Black Diamond Valet operates at more than 200 special events and venues each year ranging from 20 automobiles to more than 5,000.