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When it comes to property damage or loss, our goal is to respond quickly and professionally to each claim we receive. Our on-site parking attendants are educated on the claims process, and while they cannot file the claim on your behalf, they can show you where to begin.

Each of our customer service staff members participate in a claims orientation and training workshop in order to evaluate and respond to issues concerning property damage or loss. And, because our service department is lead by a seasoned claims investigator, all claimants receive timely and accurate responses.

To help expedite the process, below are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand and navigate the claims process.

Who Should Report a Claim?

The owner or renter of the automobile is required to file the claim. The police will not accept a report from the parking operator or property staff.

How Do I File a Claim?

Claims can be filed by mail, email or phone.

By Mail:
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By Phone:
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Should I Notify My Insurance Company?

Yes. Most insurance companies provide 24 hour response centers to help expedite the claim process.

What Happens After I File a Claim?

You will receive a response from us by phone, email or letter confirming receipt of the claim. If you do not hear from us within three business days, contact the claims department.

Do I Need to Get an Estimate for the Repairs?

Yes. You will need to provide at least two written estimates for repair. Our claim handlers will review both estimates and may contact the repair facility in some cases. If the repairs are reasonable, we will process a check to the vehicle owner equal in the amount of the lower of the two estimates. In cases where the estimates seem unreasonable, Black Diamond Valet reserves the right to enlist the services of an independent claims adjuster at our own expense.

Will I Get a Rental Car While My Own Vehicle Is Being Repaired?

Rental cars may be provided while repairs are being made to your vehicle. Alternatively, we may reimburse you a daily rate of $30.00, inclusive of all taxes, fees and mileage charges. Rental vehicles are provided by the Enterprise Rent-A-Car outlet closest to your repair facility.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Claim?

In some cases, claimants receive a same-day response. Most claims are processed within 48 hours.